"Patchwork Selkie"

by Sarina Dorie

An enchanting and heartwarming short story.
Selkie stories always have sad endings. Except for this one.
# Mermaids
# Mythology
# Folklore
# Fairy Tale
# Fantasy

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Usually it’s men who do the stealing of selkie pelts in traditional folklore. A man who lives by the sea, spies on the selkie, and keeps the creature’s seal skin so she’s forced to remain human—and so he can make her into his wife. She either finds the pelts and leaves him and her children, or he destroys it, and she spends the rest of her life longing for the freedom she’s denied. This isn’t that kind of selkie story. For one thing, it’s a woman who does the stealing. And Sela the selkie isn’t content to pine away for the sea. She has other plans. Find out how this selkie rescues herself in this new imagining of a classic fairy tale.