"Winds of Change"

by David A. Corkett

What would you do if you had the destructive force of a hurricane at your fingertips?
An action packet elemental fantasy short story

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Follow Sara Gallagher as she seeks out an evil unknown to her kind. With her Familiar, Lex, they set out on a search through the forest for their target. What they find is far worse than they were briefed on. After an action packed encounter, their assailant vanishes. Year's later, after dropping off her son at school she is attacked in her home by the assailant from the forest. Sara's powers had evolved, but they are no match for her foe and she succumbs to their powers. Hours later she wakes up only to find herself in the middle of a snow storm with her husbands car flipped over and family littered in the street in front of her. If she has any hope for revenge, she must flee to protect her family. But will it be enough...