"Honorary Prince: Royal Family Saga"

by Julie L. Spencer

Honorary Prince - Clean Romance
Bonus Story in the Royal Family Saga
# Billionaires
# Clean
# Sweet
# Romance
# Christian

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Honorary Prince is a special bonus book that overlaps Part Three of Billionaire Crown Prince (The Young Princes), features alternate point-of-views of scenes from Billionaire Hero and Billionaire's Brother. Follow Alex, Jr.'s journey from a rebellious playboy through his tragic car accident when he has a near-death experience, which he calls a journey to paradise, and claims to have been in the presence of God. Witness his transformation dedicating his life to God and speaking out against teen drinking. Watch him fall in love with Ellen, struggle to maintain the standards God expects of him, and attempt to heal his body and heart. Note: Honorary Prince includes teen drinking, extensive discussions about prayer, God, and repentance after committing teenage promiscuity, and brief partial nudity without descriptions.