"Visions of Lohikärra"
by L. L. Nelson
A mysterious young woman, a new invasion, and the tokens of the High King
A Young Adult Fantasy story
Available in MOBI and ePub

Haldrek Rodreksson has known his entire life where his future lies and what is expected of him. But on the eve of battle, soothsayers show him three visions of a different future: a mysterious young woman, a new invasion, and theft of the High King’s tokens. Visions which make him question his future and that of his homeland, Lohikärra. When the capital of Lohikärra falls, Haldrek’s world is thrown into disarray and he must scramble to keep the young woman from his visions safe. Injured, weaponless, and with little support, will Haldrek be able to save the woman and change the visions he was given? Or will he, his homeland, and his loved ones fall to their enemies?