"Zodiac Shadows"

by R.C. Luna

Mafia thief. Miami party-girl. Wake up, chica. The Zodiac Shadows are coming…
Before I became a supernatural, I married the mafia.

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

It’s hard getting your life together when mysterious, soul-wrenching zodiac shadows start taking over your mind. Why am I being hunted by monsters that feast on my fear? I’m just a college girl breaking into safes and picking locks for the Miami Mafia, but when I finally land a big job, I manage to mess it up. Beaten and bullied by my mafia outcast father, it seems I am following in his footsteps. The mafia is ruthless. It's stupid to cross them, and I did it twice. The second time was marrying the rising king of a rival gang. I become territory to fight over, but I don’t belong to anyone and the savage zodiac fire within me knows it. With my sanity at stake, will I escape my brutal life and learn what the stars have in store for me? *This is an action-packed slow burn mafia romance prequel to the Gates of the Zodiac series that expands into a steamy paranormal romance with shifters, fated mates, vampires, fae and lots of fantasy. If you like books like Zodiac Academy, Moon Touched (Elizabeth Briggs) and Rejected (Jaymin Eve) you will love this book. 18+ due to sexual content, violence and language.