by LC Owen
What happens when the psychiatrist gets sucked into his patient's insanity?
A steamy fantasy with a psychological twist
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Stark was a mediocre psychiatrist. Blane was a young man struggling with mental illness. An eerie feeling comes over Stark when he meets Blane for the first time, realizing he's met his match. Blane seems to know more about Stark than he should. When Blane's mother Izzy tries to intervene, Stark cannot explain why he's so taken with her beauty rather than paying attention to the red flags. Taken down the dark road of insanity, Stark finds himself trapped in a dream world of his patient's making. As Stark tries to navigate through Sedania, he desperately hopes to fit all the puzzle pieces together in order to treat Blane's mental illness, but Blane has a different agenda all together. Will Blane's world pull Stark into the abyss of no return? Will Stark be able to fight his lust for Izzy long enough to escape? Anything can happen on the islands of Sedania. This is a prequel to The Islands of Sedania series. It can be read as a stand alone book, after reading the series, or before reading the series. You might like this book if you enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal romance, or psychological thrillers as it has aspects of all these genres. People who like this book also like steamy romance novels where the villain is sexy, yet evil. Please be advised this books is for mature audiences. 18+ is advised.