"Hair of the Dog"

by Steve Peacock

Breaking News: A spooky black dog is eating Londoners
A bite size story on the origins of Jameson Parker.
# Urban Fantasy
# Magic
# Occult
# Political
# Detective

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Jameson Parker is a turncoat and a coward, at least as far as his fellow wizards think. As his very first case for the government that oppresses his people, he's about to find out that magic is dangerous and sometimes practitioners need to be held to account by those in the know. And few people know more than the Dark Lord of Hampshire. Dragged out of a life of megalomania, rehabilitated and put to work on the mean streets of London to track down a mythological killer, this is Jameson Parker at his youngest and, some would say, his best. As far as Whitehall itself thinks, however, this is just giving him the rope he needs to hang himself. Unless he can prove them wrong. Jameson Parker returns in Hair of the Dog, a bitesize way to dip your toes in the Warlocks of Whitehall series, a world of magic and politics perfect for fans of Hellblazer, The Dresden Files, The Laundry, and other urban fantasy mainstays. The Warlocks of Whitehall series starts with LORE AND ORDER, takes a sidestep into the past for HAIR OF THE DOG and continues in RED PEACE.