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"The Parenting Book For Angry Kids - How to turn your angry child into a happy one."

by Johan Marneweck

The Parenting Book For Angry Kids - How to turn your angry child into a happy one.
You can change anger into a fun and positive outlook on life. The ultimate parenting book.
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Does your little one refuse to get dressed, or throw a tantrum every time you go to the store? Does your tween son or daughter blow up like a bullfrog every time you lay down the law in the house? Does your teenager constantly slam the doors and yell at you and say, "You just don’t understand!"? And do you often get angry in response to any of these types of scenarios too? Do you want to help your child cope better with their emotions and frustrations in life and treat you with the respect that you deserve as a parent and adult as well? Do you want to solve all these problems without needing to go see a therapist and do awkward exercises that feel weird and unnatural? Do you want to avoid having your child labeled with some disease and be put on medication that only makes things worse? Do you actually know that your child is an awesome and amazing kid and that they have the ability to deal with their anger issues themselves, with a little bit of help? If you said yes or even maybe to any of these questions, then this book is definitely for you! The Parenting Book for Angry Kids: A Compassionate Guide to Navigating the Storm "The Parenting Book for Angry Kids" is a heartfelt and practical guide for parents struggling to understand and cope with their children's anger. Written by Johan and Malony Marneweck, parents of four children, this book delves into the underlying reasons for anger in children and offers parents the tools they need to help their children navigate the storm of emotions they face. Through real-life examples and experiences, evidence-based strategies, and easy-to-follow exercises, "The Parenting Book for Angry Kids" helps parents learn how to: Understand the root causes of their child's anger Develop effective communication skills to foster open dialogue Build stronger connections with their child by cultivating empathy and compassion Implement appropriate disciplinary techniques without escalating conflict