"Their Delayed Connection"

by Kari Shuey

What’s worse than coming face to face with an old crush?
Being trapped on the subway with him.
# Romance
# Sweet
# Clean
# Contemporary

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Madeline has never been happy with the way she left her old job—or her handsome coworker—Russell. So when she ends up consulting for her past employer, she prays she won’t run into him. The moment he met Maddie; Russell knew she was special. He’s thrilled to see her again, even though she quit without saying goodbye. But her chilly greeting leaves him wondering if she could ever feel the same way. An earthquake forces their train into lockdown and Russell has to decide if he has enough courage to admit his feelings. Otherwise she just might slip through his fingers for good. One hundred and twenty minutes on the clock. Tick tock, tick tock. It’s now or never.