"Street Sorceress"

by Jack Massa

In a world of icy seas and high magic …
A Tale of Glimnodd
# Fantasy
# High Fantasy
# Magic
# Sword & Sorcery
# Witches

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Amlina, exile witch from a land of great witches, struggles to make a living in the teeming port city of Kadavel. But business on the Street of Magic Vendors has been slow, and Kallipox the sorcerer is putting on the squeeze for more protection money. Amlina meets a sea captain and his wife from her homeland and is tempted to sail with them, leaving Kadavel behind. But when Kallipox and a henchman corner her alone on a dark street, she might suddenly have run out of options. This story, a prequel to Cloak of the Two Winds, introduces Amlina and the strange and magical world of Glimnodd.