"Revelation Paraphrase"

by Bill & Mia Belew

The Last Book of the Bible Through Different Cultural Lenses
Understanding the Book of Revelation
# Christian

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The Book of Revelation - a modern day paraphrase. NIV meets MSG meets CSV meets Amplified meets NASB meets KJV meets Japanese, Chinese and Russian translations meets original koine Greek. Bill Belew spent twenty plus years in the Far East - Japan, China and Russia. The Book of Revelation - A Modern-Day Paraphrase is the result of what he reads when he compares these many translations. Enjoy The Book of Revelation - a modern day paraphrase and understand the meaning of this marvelous book when reading it in tandem with The Book of Revelation - A Complete Verse by Verse Commentary, also by Bill. The Teller - A fictional retelling of the Book of Revelation for young adults and older is due out Thanksgiving '22.