"The Swords of the Unforgotten Memories: Secrets Beneath the Ripples"

by Sheena O'Loughlin

Free Fantasy Book Called The Swords of the Unforgotten Memories: Secrets Beneath the Ripples
Thrilling sword & sorcery fantasy saga that’s filled with monsters, bandits, and redemption
# High Fantasy
# Fantasy
# Action
# Adventure
# Cozy

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Haunted by his tragic past, master swordsman Slaith roams the world, being lost without purpose. But when he stumbles upon a young and reckless boy who reawakens long-buried memories, Slaith becomes determined to protect him and takes the boy under his wing. Loac dreams of escaping his village and its monster-infested forests – but after a horrifying attack, the lone warrior becomes his protector. But if Loac can’t learn to fight, he’s as good as dead. Surrounded by bloodthirsty bandits and united to Loac by their shared grief, Slaith must draw on all of his skills to protect Loac and bring him to a safe home. When his close friend falls sick with a strange poison, the pair embark on a desperate quest to unravel the cause of the sickness. Slaith failed his duty once. Can he atone for his past and prevent history from repeating itself?