"The Eden Anomaly"

by Daniel Camomile

The trees of paradise have secrets, and the heart masks malevolence.
A Suspenseful Christian Sci-Fi Short-Story
# Sci-Fi
# Christian
# Adventure
# Suspense
# Weird

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Disgraced biologist Levine Waters is summoned from her life-sentence to join an otherworldly expedition—one that could win her freedom. In the parched sands of the Sinai Peninsula, a supernatural storm is growing and threatens to unmake the world. When Levine and her team of specialists venture into the eye of the tempest, they discover the impossible—an earthly heaven of perfect green growth. But perfection comes with a threat. It is up to Levine to uncover what lies in the core of this paradisal anomaly, and even though there are threats among the trees, the most perilous foe is hidden inside her.