"2 Corinthians"

by Dr Andrew C S Koh

2 Corinthians
My Grace is Sufficient For You
# Christian
# Nonfiction
# Spirituality

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Dr Koh's devotional / commentaries are excellent reads and this one on 2 Corinthians is no exception. Very uplifting. Christians will benefit from this book. Kindle customer, Amazon, 5 stars. After each section, there are powerful and profound applications and prayers that you can engage with. I found the book to be a great study guide and a great time to reflect on my life and path., Kevin Booker, Amazon, 5 stars. This is an excellent book to dwell deeper into the epistles of the Apostle Paul. Dr. Koh has written a wonderful study here on the 2 Corinthians which is an excellent tool for learning Christian, Rowan E. Creech, Goodreads, Bookbub, 5 stars. The book is divided into 13 chapters. Each chapter starts with a prayer followed by exposition and application, and ends with prayer. Dr. Koh has written this guide to enable readers to grow spiritually and mature in the faith. With his assistance, I have grown closer to God. PAR, Bookbub, 5 stars. Apostle Paul wrote this book during his third missionary journey and after he wrote 1 Corinthians. This book was written to strengthen the faith of the Christians living in Corinth. This a great Bible study and inspiration to encourage us to a deeper faith. There are beautiful prayers after each chapter. I am on the ARC team and I leave an honest review. I recommend this book to other readers, J Sharmani, Goodreads, Bookbub, 5 stars. As always, Dr. Koh’s books are insightful, all following similar layouts of each book. Prayer, scripture, explanation, and a prayer to close with. One thing that I have never pointed out but realized in EVERY SINGLE read is how Dr. Koh introduces the original Greek word that applies to the text and then delivers definitions of Greek words. It’s a subtle but effective way to teach. I recommend this as a personal or group Bible study. Or as a refresher of a particular book, T Townsend, Amazon, Apple, Goodreads, Bookbub, 5 stars.