"Maggie and the Selkie"

by Heather Ewings

Saved by a Selkie.
A short historical fantasy story of grief and love and sacrifice

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

'How did you find me? Where did you come from?' 'You called me,' he said. 'I called you?' Maggie frowned. 'How?' 'You cried seven tears into the sea.' Grieving the loss of her husband in a boating accident, Maggie inadvertantly summons a selkie man who offers comfort the only way he knows how. Nine months later a baby is born, but though Maggie loves him with every inch of her being, his existence isn't enough to drag her from the depths of despair. All Maggie wants is to shed the grief weighing her down. Can she return her son to his father and join the selkies herself? Or will her sorrow destroy them both?