"The Book of Merla Meadows"

by R.C. Mogo

Softening hearts in hard times - historical romance with God's supernatural touch.
A storm, a book, and a home worth protecting
# Historical Fiction
# Medieval
# Romance
# Christian
# Supernatural

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When a storm hits her village, Merla Meadows takes in a handsome stranger and his mother, who happens to be the infamous Christian mystic, Margery Kempe. BRESCIA, ITALY - 1413 In an isolated village concealed among the rugged cliffs and dense vegetation of Lake Iseo, Merla Meadows cares for the elderly in a community that considers them a burden. James Kempe harbors no fantasies about marriage. Having always seen his deeply religious mother shy away from his father’s touch, he knows such unions are simply business transactions. During a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, James and his mother stumble into a community with strange beliefs, where he finds himself resisting the unrefined charm of the beautiful, red-haired caretaker. When Merla's home is threatened by the town’s spiritual leaders, James is torn between the mission his father gave him and a young woman determined to safeguard the vulnerable at any cost.