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by Michelle Isenhoff

No body, no evidence, no motive. Only my guilt remains.
Prequel novella in the Recompense series.
# Dystopian
# Paranormal
# Romance
# Young Adult
# Action

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(If you are already subscribed or have previously unsubscribed, you will not be subscribed again. Email is for delivery.) Opal Parnell has grown up on the rocky shores of Tidbury Bay, where winds and waves and freezing winters have carved the world into something wild and beautiful. It’s so far out of the way that strangers need a reason to come here. But beyond her safe harbor, the North American Republic has been plagued by an epidemic of disappearances. There are no crime scenes. No bodies, no evidence, no motives. Thousands have gone missing without a trace. And eventually, tragedy finds Tidbury. Plagued by guilt for the part she played in her sister’s vanishing, Opal sets out to find her and stumbles onto evidence that suggests the disappearances aren’t as mysterious as the media would have her believe. Meanwhile, the crisis causes power shifts and corruption that reach into the upper echelons of government. Beneath Opal’s feet, Tidbury is changing forever. What’s happened to the missing? Who’s covering up the truth? And will the Republic survive the upheaval?