"Into The Dark"

by A J Faris

A sister's quest to find her brother's killer
A nailbiting, fast paced, murder mystery in a small town

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

On the surface, Selas Harbor is a homely and quiet town, but what lies hidden in the underbelly of this seemingly peaceful town? Amelia Carter is drawn to the town after she receives a letter from her estranged brother, Mark, asking for help and claiming to be in danger. Despite their differences, the stubborn and intelligent Amelia decides to go to the town where Mark resides with her best friend, Terry. Initially, it was a quest to find Mark and what danger he was in. Given her brother’s track record, Amelia is not too sure about the veracity of his claims. After arriving in the swampy and woody town of Selas Harbor situated by a lake, the web of lies that had served as a façade for the dark happenings in this nebulous town begins to unravel. Our protagonist comes across interesting and unique characters, each with their own goals, and soon, she uncovers that the truth about her brother and this town might be more than she can handle, both physically and mentally. How does Amelia cope with her newfound reality and ominous position? Take a read and find out!