"Growing Up By Cows Who Chew Lilies"

by Bill & Mia Belew

Little Child, Clueless to Her Parents' Wishes, till the Light Comes On
Prequel to the Growing Up Aimi Series
# Children's
# Middle Grade
# Multicultural
# Parenting
# Sweet

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Welcome to the Growing Up Aimi world. In this prequel to the Growing Up Aimi series we get a glimpse of what parents want for their kids and what kids think their parents want for them. In the end, however, we learn what it is kids want most from mom and dad. We also get a look back at the appearance of the seed of an idea. All this ... from Aimi Wilby's point of view. Like all ideas that start small, our character, Aimi, in the Growing Up Aimi series started out small, but was challenged to think big. This story is how it all began: The Giant Forest The Heliuna Academy The LoGlas Theater ... writing ... The Floating City ... brainstorming