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"Must Be A Dog Lover"
by Genevieve Hermoso
Tossing the Rule Book on Life
A romantic comedy about finding love again
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Georgia suffers a series of heartbreaks. Her live-in boyfriend of 10 years dumps her, then her beloved grandfather dies then she loses her job. She falls into a deep depression and goes to therapy. She gets an emotional support dog to help her cope. In therapy, her psychotherapist hypnotizes her so she would be more adventurous and daring. Suddenly, she starts joining Krava Maga, Salsa Dancing, and much more. She turned into a man magnet all of a sudden and turns into Miss Popular. One of the most daring things she has done is to get drunk at a bar and spend the night with a total stranger. Will this one-night stand lead to something more? What are Georgia's options as her world opens up for her? One thing is for sure, her emotional support dog is her priority. Her Mr. Right has to love dogs.