"Being a Codemage"

by Anton Eine

Programmer's wedding crashing down the drain
A magical sci-fi mystery
# Magic
# Mystery
# Urban Fantasy
# Detective
# Thriller

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Welcome to the lecture of the legendary Magister Sajar Randhar! As students of the Imperial University who choose programagic as their profession, you will want to hear from a respected expert in the field of magical security. Magister Randhar heads the magical security team at the Pentagonal Citadel and is in charge of the development of the impregnable Fire Wall, protecting the vault of the most dangerous magical artifacts. He led the work on the navigation system for unmanned flying carriages. He masterminded many of the inventions that redefined modern magical technology. One of Magister Randhar’s core beliefs is to share his experiences, life stories, sage advice and insights with future professionals in the magical sciences to benefit everyone. He has been working in programagic for more than a hundred and fifty years, so you will be interested to learn his perspective on what it is like to be a codemage. 'Being a Codemage' is a prequel to the main events of the Programagic series, and can be read independently, either before the main series or after any of the other books.