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"Touched, first book in the Chosen Chronicles series"

by L. G. Boyle

Ever wonder what happened to the children whom Jesus blessed? They could be heroes!
Fanfiction for those who love the Bible and think, what if?
# Adventure
# Fantasy
# Time Travel
# Christian
# Young Adult

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In a small Judean fishing village, during the season of the Roman empire, three ordinary children are fixated with typical pre-teen concerns: Ari is sad and lonely. Mourning the loss of his father and hero, Ari hasn't made any friends since he and his mom relocated to her childhood home. Mal, a giant of a boy, wants to grow even larger and be strong like his fisherman father. Though gentle in nature, Mal fashions himself as the protector of his family. One of his chief charges is his tiny cousin Martha - the smallest in her family. She spends her days caring for her baby sister and helping her mother with chores, but Martha feels insignificant. She longs to be more. Their mundane lives are forever altered when a traveling prophet pronounces a special blessing upon them. CHOSEN, he’d said. They awaken the next morning, changed, and unaware that their wildest dreams are about to be realized. A re-imagining of the legendary battle between David and Goliath. Lovers of Narnia, the Hobbit, and all Christian YA fantasy adventure - your search is over. The Chosen Chronicles series is your next great read!