"Lonely Heart"

by Vida Li Sik

Trust can't grow on lies.
Second chance in life women's fiction & sweet romance.
# Romance
# Women's Fiction
# Multicultural

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Trust can’t grow on lies Making up for lost time brings Savanna to the Ivory Coast. Work. Adventure. New people. After serving time in jail, she’s ready to seize it all and start on a blank slate. When she meets a businessman, Alexander, Savanna sees the life she always longed for. But her past struggles and guilt keeps rising to the surface. Healthy relationships with her brother and mother remain a struggle. And love and new friendships can’t grow when she keeps the door to parts of her life shut. What happens when that door won’t stay closed? Can Savanna find the happiness she craves when her past threatens to derail her fragile new relationship with Alexander? Alex arrives back home to take care of the family business while his father regains his health. He resents having to keep his ex-fiancée’s secret from his family. Savanna is unlike any woman he’s ever met, and he pursues her. Will the mystery of her background cause a permanent wedge between them, or will Alex give her a second chance? If you like stories about family, forgiveness, and second chances in life, you’ll enjoy this book.