"Working Out the Gym Slut"

by Trixy Treat

I’m a filthy cheater and I love it.
3 Cheating Erotic Shorts
# Erotica

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I’m hot, horny, and my husband doesn’t satisfy me. I want to get stuffed and stretched by as many as men as possible. What better place to find some hard bodies than the gym? I wasn’t prepared to find so many willing participants to pound me raw until I’m mindless with pleasure, but I'm not complaining. I’m a glorious cheater, and I’m going to own it. I am The Gym Slut. Includes 3 erotic shorts: Getting Dirty in the Supply Closet at The Gym A Gym Worker Uses Me and I Love It. Two Men Use Me in Front of the Entire Gym A spicy series of an unapologetic cheating wife. There is no redemption to be found here; just nasty, filthy times at the gym.