"Teller-Of-Tails and the Will-O-Wisp"

by Shawnna Lea

A Ghost Is A Ghost But Treasure Is Treasure
A LitRPG adventure of Rogue Magic
# Clean
# Fantasy
# LitRPG
# Magic
# Young Adult

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Travel is the life of a minstrel and, as any good minstrel does, Teller-Of-Tails goes about it in his own style. Everyone knows the new minstrel when they see a belt full of furry tails and a wild hairdo. All Teller wishes to do is get to the north shore and ask his questions but things keep going wrong... Travel from Royl to the border town of LoGard can be deadly, so who better to travel with than six fine looking fighters? Teller finds out that fast and safe is not always to be had... the more you know... This short story is timed between Rogue Magic books 1 & 2, Dark Enlightening and Dark Perception.