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"The Dark Crown - The Souls' Abyss, Book 1"

by SC Gowland

The world is at war, but he won't lose his soul.
The start of a magical, heroic, fantasy adventure.
# Fantasy
# Epic
# Dragons
# High Fantasy
# Magic

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A land in turmoil. An unknown enemy. A family torn apart. Kaoldan is tired of trying to keep the peace as the world tries to tear itself apart. But his life is about to change. There is a whisper in the wind; the return of Reng. The return of dark times. As Kaoldan fights to unravel his own dark past, the return of his daughters throws him into another unfamiliar role; how to be a father again. Battles will be fought, lives will be lost, but if Kaoldan can save souls, there is always hope. A stunning debut and magical beginning of The Souls’ Abyss’ fantasy series, and international fantasy competition semi-finalist. The Souls’ Abyss fantasy series is perfect for fans of Joe Abercrombie, David Gemmell and Mike Shackle. “Well written, engaging characters...” “Will leave you clambering to find out what happens next.” “I loved the journey of Kaoldan and the magical order of the Walkers…all the marks of an epic fantasy…”