This book is a sample / preview copy

"Unfamiliar Territory (Sample)"

by R. Lindsay Carter

Take a journey into the unknown ...
Cressida Curtain's life is about to get interesting.
# Fantasy
# Adventure
# Bounty Hunters
# Paranormal

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Book One of The Familiar's Legacy, Unfamiliar Territory is a story of magic, found family, and adventure. This sample contains the first three chapters of Unfamiliar Territory. Synopsis: Cressida Curtain has a business to run. She spends her time catching bad guys and turning them in for bounties. After all, she’s a natural born hunter. She also isn’t exactly human. That’s her secret to keep, because her very existence is the only thing holding a great evil at bay. It’s a legacy that’s been passed down through the generations, and Cressida is the latest in line. But she’s not going to let a little thing like the fate of the world get in her way. Life as a bounty hunter is never dull. And hers is about to get a lot more interesting.