"An Old Promise"
by Effrosyni Moschoudi
Joanna is determined to find her old love and prove she never forgot that old promise...
A clean, second chance romance short read set in an alluring Greek island
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Joanna boards a flight to visit the Greek island of Sifnos again after twenty years. All this time, despite the distance and her life's circumstances, she's been holding on to precious memories from an old summer love. Now, she's determined to meet again the man she once left behind, hoping for a chance to prove she never forgot their old promise... "The story is romantic, mature, and very captivating. Effrosyni Moschoudi teaches us that if there were problems in our past, we can put them aside, leaving space for our happiness in the present."~Readers' Favorite "The author writes from her heart and endears the reader to the story quickly. Her writing flows in a comfortable and easy manner making the reader feel right at home." ~Janice Spina, author of An Angel Among Us “This story is also a metaphorical love letter to Greece, its beauty and the magic it casts upon those who visit and fall in love with it.”~Andreaa, Amazon reviewer “Such a joyous and hope-affirming read. Loved it.”~Stephanie Roberts, Amazon reviewer