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"Secrets of the Arlington"

by Monica Misho-Grems

She was a loose end that needed tying.
A thrilling tale of crime, mystery, suspense and a dash of romance.
# Action
# Crime
# Romance
# Suspense
# Thriller

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Secrets of the Arlington is Monica Misho-Grems’ debut novel and book one of the Orphans of St John’s series. “I highly recommend reading this book!! The story is suspenseful throughout & kept me engaged from beginning to end! It’s definitely worth a read! You won’t be disappointed! I can’t wait for the next book!!” “Thrilling, suspenseful, engaging, and exciting! Plus, the cover has a delightful buttery texture.” Content. Felicity felt like the luckiest woman in the world, working for her favorite place in the world: The Arlington. The John Arlington Library was not just a hub of international knowledge; a collection of history's greatest tales, heroes, and villains; a star map to all of the possible worlds in the universe – but a safe haven for bookworms and introverts alike. Until it all changes. This is what the young, orphan Felicity Johnson loved about it – and why the adult Felicity chose to be a librarian. Well, that and her boss, John Arlington. A man who became a father to her once she discovered The Arlington. That is, until one day when he doesn't return to lock up the library. Whirlwind. Worried and confused, she searches for answers. Felicity soon uncovers the shocking reason why he never made it back, and that he may not have been the man that she once thought he was. What other secrets will Felicity unearth as her world crumbles to pieces while she tries to escape the past she never knew she had? Can heartthrob FBI agent Cage Murphy help Felicity figure out her past and ensure she has a future?