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"The Tenant from Hell"
by Kathleen Walls
Casey Clark wants the Tenant from Hell evicted, not dead.
When Casey Clark, property manager at Peller Realty, is found with a dead tenant and the murder gun in the apartment from which she is evicting him, she has to go Hell and back to prove her innocence.
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You would think being a property manager for a big real estate company in Saint Augustine is a dull job. Think again. Casey Clark is just trying to do her job. She needs to evict a tenant who refuses to pay rent before the owner takes the law into his own hands. When police burst in on her alone in the apartment with the dead tenant and the murder gun, she finds herself at the center of a murder tied to a drug ring. She flees to Helen, Georgia to try and clear her name and finds betrayals, ghosts, Indians dead and alive, and a very sexy U.S. marshal. Her worst problem of having to deal with her psychic cat, Dixie, not getting along with Casey's pirate boyfriend's parrot, changes into scrambling to stay alive.