"Hebrews: the just shall live by faith"

by Dr Andrew C S Koh

Hebrews: the just shall live by faith
A Christ-centred , Biblical-based, Holy Spirit enabled, Life-changing commentary, bible study, and devotion
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Reviews: I truly enjoy Dr Koh's devotionals, and this is no exception. I always say this, and again, I find it important to note, that being Catholic, I don't always agree with the analysis, but his work is exceptional, his research and study is fantastic, and his ability to make the text clear is also above par. I love that by studying these devotionals, it makes my own faith even more clear, Fluffy Luggage, Goodreads, Kobo, Bookbub, 5 stars. I found the book to be a great study guide and a great time to reflect on myself. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a deeper understanding of Faith that is found in the Book of the Hebrews, Kevin Booker, Amazon, 5 stars. The author of this book remains unknown, however there are some theoretical ”guesses”. it is a beautiful translation of the Word of God Whatever deity you follow, this expository learning is an informative look at God’s Word, T Townsend, Amazon, Bookbub, Goodreads, 5 stars. A good study for reflection on each chapter. Each chapter is well explained and easy to understand. A prayer after each chapter makes this book a book of devotion. I am on the ARC team. I leave an honest review. I recommend this book to other readers, J Sharmani, Amazon, 5 stars. The author's writing is clear, and he pulls no punches while he helps the reader to understand the written word. He has divided his work into 13 units following the 13 chapters of Hebrews, P A R, Bookbub, 5 stars. Dr. Koh has written another wonderful book on another book of the Bible, Hebrews, that is engaging and informational. It is a wonderful study guide that is easy to read and makes another book of the Bible more accessible to the modern age of learning, R E Creech, Bookbub, and Goodreads, 5 stars.