"Night Terrors"

by Dan Soule

Grab your free 5 book boxed set of chilling new horror as well as all time classics.
Two anthologies, plus three bonus horror classics: Dracula, Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
# Horror
# Occult
# Ghosts
# Demons
# Dystopian

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SWEET DREAMS AREN’T MADE OF THESE. If you love spine chilling horror, full of monsters and great characters, then Dan Soule's two anthologies of short fiction are the perfect introduction to one of the new talents in horror. Not only that but you also get three of the all time classics to keep you up at night. Check out what some of the top editors of short horror fiction say about Dan. Paul Guernesy of The Ghost Story, said: “Dan is a cinematic writer... he steadily builds the mood of his narrative from a whisper of uneasiness to a crescendo of full-blown cosmic horror.” While Caitlin Marceau, editor Sanitarium Magazine commented, 'His stories aren’t just guaranteed to scare you, they’re guaranteed to devastate you.' So jump on board the ghost train and grab a copy of Night Terrors.