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"Midsummer Knight (A Fae of Calaveras story)"
by Kristen S. Walker
Nothing kills summer break like a dragon.
A teen urban fantasy short story with Fae
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Sixteen-year-old Ashleigh is half fae, but all she wants do on her summer vacation is relax like any human girl. But her best friend, Glen, is too busy training for his test of knighthood to hang out. He won’t have any free time until the Midsummer Solstice. Then Ashleigh overhears a plot to sabotage Glen’s quest. He’s been sent to take down a dragon—a fight he can’t hope to win. She must find the secret of the dragon and warn Glen before it’s too late. But if he fails the quest, he’ll never reach his dream of becoming a knight. And their friendship may never be the same again.