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"The Hard Blokes Of Sparta: The Princess In The Tower"

by Jamie Brindle

Monsters. Daemons. Dragons. Spartans?
A humorous sword-and-sorcery about three not-so-tough Spartans trying to make ends meet in a strange fantasy world into which they have been mysterious drawn...
# Sword & Sorcery
# Fantasy
# Humorous
# Comedy
# LitRPG

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Three spartans. One princess. Various monsters. What could go wrong? The Hard Blokes of Sparta fell through a portal into a strange magical world. Now every day is a ‘don’t-get-eaten-by-a-dragon’ day. The Hard Blokes are trying to make things work, but compared to the creatures that live here, they’re not quite as hard as they thought they were. They have one last chance to prove themselves: rescue a princess, or face involuntary enrolment in a brutal-fighting-pit scenario. But how can a man - even a Spartan - compete with orcs and goblins, chimeras and dragons? Dave might have an idea, but he doesn’t think his friends will like it… The Hard Blokes of Sparta is a comic fantasy novel full of laughs, action, and adventure. If you like your fantasy fun and fast paced, you’ll love the Hard Blokes of Sparta.