"A Hotwife Beach Orgy"

by Hank Dolworth

Brad and Jenny host an orgy at their beach house
A short sexy romp with all the Soccer Mom hotties
# Erotica
# Erotic Romance

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This is a bonus story for the A Hotwife Soccer Mom series. The story of Jenny and her husband, Brad. They share a fantasy of Jenny fucking Brad’s friends and decide to work together to make their fantasies a reality. Jenny becomes Brad’s hotwife when she fucks Craig, her daughter’s soccer coach, in her home gym while Brad watches via a security camera. This sparks a change in Jenny, and she embraces her inner slut, and with Brad leading, becomes his vixen, taking turns with his friends. This bonus story happens directly after A Hotwife Double Date, where Jenny enjoys a weekend date with Brad and his friend Steven. Jenny gets a surprise Monday when her friend Christi shows up with Felicia. The five friends start playing as the heat rises, then the rest of Brad's friends show up, and the orgy kicks off in earnest.