"A Mother's Warning"

by Kim Vermaak

How far would you go to save your kingdom?
A Prequel Novella for the Chronicles of Nadine
# Medieval
# Fantasy

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How far would you go to save the ones you love? Queen Isabella knows her daughter must wed to secure her right to rule. The sickness that ravaged their land has left the Kingdom vulnerable and now her daughter Christine can not escape her duty to find a match that the Lords with endorse. The Lords have chosen King Radolf, a powerful ruler with a troubled past as a strategic match. Isabella senses something sinister about King Radolf, but her history of melancholy after the death of her sons makes her warnings fall on deaf ears. King Radolf and his adviser have plans that not even Isabella can sense. They are searching for something that will alter the balance of power that King Radolf craves. If he finds it in Isabella’s Kingdom, he will unleash his plan that will explode into the Medieval Fantasy series, The Chronicles of Nadine. As the veil between life and death is stretched thin, Isabella sees visions that lead her to an unspeakable choice. Can she save the ones she loves from King Radolf before it is too late?