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"The Thaw"

by La'Keah Shannelle

A small town mystery with no clues!
A pre-release tease at what is coming in 2022

Available in MOBI and ePub

Moira Wilson grew up in a small town and life was great. She went to college in the big city to live out her dreams until tragedy hit her family. Losing her mother was hard and now that her father, the town’s vet, was left alone, she made the hard choice to come home. She came home and became a cop in her small town instead of in the glorious town of Atlanta. Trying to be content with her change she never expected to come home to a mystery that left no clues. In the last year a young lady came up missing, once every two months, and no one had a clue where they disappeared to. On one snowy night, Moira ran across one of the victims, and any evidence can be used is buried under the snow. Nothing can be collected until the town thaws out. Until then the one and only person who can lead them to the answers is in and out of conscience. Will Moira’s picture-perfect memory help them find the sadistic person who is taking young women or will there be another victim before they figure it out?