"The Case of the Missing Monkey and other short mystery stories"

by Kris Bock

When a monkey goes missing, who's to blame?
An Accidental Detective short story plus bonus material
# Mystery
# Detective
# Amateur Sleuth
# Humorous

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This free collection starts with a ten-page mystery short story set in the world of “The Accidental Detective” series. This is followed by information about the series, plus the first chapter of book 1, Something Shady at Sunshine Haven. After that are three fun, short stories originally written for children. The Accidental Detective series of humorous contemporary mysteries: War correspondent Kate Tessler has followed the most dangerous news stories around the world. But can she survive going home? Join my mailing list (unsubscribe any time) and you'll also get a sweet romance novella set in the world of my cat café series and "22 Recipes from the Cat Café," if you like.