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"Great Adventures of Young Saint Nic: Prologue - Nic's First Miracle"

by Jones Talmadge

How does a man become a legend? Young Nic has much to learn before he can fulfill his destiny as the magical Santa Claus.
Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure, Historical Fiction
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THE GREAT ADVENTURES OF YOUNG SAINT NIC: A NOVEL SERIES BY JONES TALMADGE BOOK 1: LEGEND OF LOVE Before young Nic becomes the magical legend, Santa Claus, he grows into a man with a huge heart despite the violence of ancient Rome at the turn of the century, 300 A.D. Wise for his years, yet inexperienced in the ways of men, Nic completes his training as a Christian priest under the guidance of his uncle, before venturing out of his homeland. Nic shows his passionate commitment to the unity of human kind as he discovers potent spiritual gifts and resolves to introduce an era of peace and abundance to a fractured world of tribal and religious conflict. The journey begins with Book One, which takes Nic from his sunny home town of Patara to the snowy forests of Kyev for an unforgettable Christmas and his first experiences of transformational love.