"Fair Start"
by Grace Grahme
With a booming business, who needs love?
Prequel to Faire's Fair and the start of The Fair Series
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

When a night of green beer and Guinness ends in tears and Twinkies, everyone is due a new start on Monday. Events unfold over one fateful St. Patrick's Day that set the main characters of Faire's Fair, Kathryn Reilly and Ian Somerland, on their work and romance paths three years before they actually meet. This is the prequel to Faire's Fair, Book 1 of The Fair Series. Catch a glimpse of Janet Maxwell (main character of Fair Play, Book 2) and her sister, Kathryn's best friend, Melissa Maxwell (main character of Fair Chance, Book 3) in this short story as well.