"Where Enemies Sit"

by Rob Howell

This is the story that started the Foresters' saga
A Four Horseman Universe Story

Available in MOBI and ePub

Lt. Frasier MacKenzie knows Col. Edmonds assigned him to lead this detachment of the Queen Elizabeth’s Own Foresters because it should have been an easy assignment for the newest officer in the regiment. The mining colony wasn’t that valuable after all. Still, the colonel had assigned his most experienced NCO to this platoon to make sure MacKenzie didn’t screw up by the numbers. But then MacKenzie finds himself leading his platoon against a unit of Zuul who know something he doesn’t. Can he hold his platoon together despite the surprise attack from those alien mercs? More importantly, can he discover just what makes this colony worth fighting over? If he does, what will that mean for the Foresters? And can he do all this before the Peacemakers make their judgement.