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"Desperate Forest"
by Cece Louise
Enter a forest full of danger, deceit, and romance . . .
A sweet romantic adventure perfect for fans of fairy tale retellings!
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Princess Roselynn has never longed for adventure. For nineteen years, her life has been safe and comfortable. Until her father is murdered, and she discovers a plot to end her life. Hoping to find safety in the arms of her fiancé, she flees to the perilous Eternity Forest. When Roselynn meets brash Jay, she begrudgingly joins forces with a group of outlaws. Unsure of her new companions, she’s especially puzzled by Jay’s tough exterior and conflicting actions. Soon, she discovers everyone has their own purpose—and secrets. Can Roselynn save her kingdom and be reunited with the man she loves, or will she lose everything to the dark forest?