by Jamie Ibson

Stealing the CASPer prototype was only the beginning...
A Four Horseman Universe Story

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Coronado's Finest are the spiritual descendents of the US Navy's Special Warfare teams. These days, they're equipped with Leviathan CASPers: power armor modified with amphibious capabilities for clandestine raids where stealth can achieve what brute force cannot. When Mitch Samas and the Finest are hired to retrieve a stolen, next-gen CASPer from rival mercs, the snatch-n-grab raid goes off with only a few, minor hitches. It's on their return home with the prize that things get dicey. When Samas and the rest of his company are imprisoned - along with most of the rest of humanity's mercs - they're compelled to make some unusual alliances to break free, even if they all have to die for it to work.