"The Stories We Tell"
by J.P. Hostetler
What happens when we wander too close to the edge?
A prelude to Around Curiosity's Edge
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

It's a cold night at the edge of town when Rigel Swan, while on a field trip with his class, steps farther off a forest path than he intends. The place he stumbles into is the fantastic world of the Fringe; a place existing just beyond the Commons that is the modern world of people, cities, and cars that we know. The Fringe is challenging and magical and dying. It's only when Rigel learns how fragile the Fringe is, that he must choose whether to protect this ancient world, or leave it to fade away. A prelude to the Around Curiosity's Edge series of books, The Stories We Tell introduces readers to the wilds of the Fringe through the eyes of Rigel Swan.