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"Prospect Preview (The Eventing Series: Book 6)"

by Natalie Keller Reinert

Catch up with Jules in the latest installment of The Eventing Series
Read the first three chapters now!
# Pets
# Women's Fiction
# Adventure
# Romance
# Small Town

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This time, Jules might be in over her head. With Pete away in California, new horse Confident Liar proving to be a difficult ride, and the co-op moms feeling their oats now that she’s a big-time upper-level rider, Jules is feeling the pinch from every direction. There are championships on the line, new horses in the barn, and a general feeling of chaos in the air. Luckily, Jules has old friends to count on. But as the summer heats up, it seems like everyone wants a piece of Jules—and she doesn’t know if she can turn in a winning season for Alachua Eventing Co-op … or even for herself. This is a preview of the first three chapters of Prospect, which releases on April 27, 2021.