"A Meeting of Terrors"

by Joe Talon

The dead of Exmoor don't always whisper, sometimes they scream!
A supernatural action adventure story from the Lorne Turner Mysteries
# Supernatural
# Occult
# Mystery
# Adventure
# Action

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After ten months of being alone on his moor, Lorne Turner receives a panicked call. He needs to rescue some teenagers from an act of stupidity. Nice and simple. Fast rope down to a cave entrance, see if they are still alive, and get them out. Piece of carrot cake for an ex-operator. When Ella Morgan is also ‘roped’ into helping, Lorne begins to understand the importance of friendship outside the military. The pair descend into the cave complex and that’s when Lorne realises the dead don’t always whisper. Sometimes the dead scream! This short novella takes place before Counting Crows and gives us an insight into how Lorne and Ella first begin their friendship. It’s also how I first started to get to know the pair. I hope you enjoy it as well.