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"Crimson Yuletide"

by Rachel Ford

Crimson Yuletide
An ancient evil returns to Wixcombe...

Available in MOBI and ePub

Autumn gone off to sleep And winter her secrets no more keep Rises he from the deep Flesh to flay and flesh to eat An ancient evil prowls the quiet streets of Wixcombe. An old man is murdered in the town square. Children disappear in the night. Villagers report sightings of Krampus, the Christmas demon. For siblings Nan and William Fitzgerald, the season began with a promise of new loves and Christmas magic. But they find themselves in the eye of the storm when their godfather becomes the prime suspect in the killings. To protect both the women they love and their village, the siblings must discover Krampus’ true identity. But they might not like the answers they find…