"Lirael's Candle"

by Cate Rowan

Lirael's Candle
Magically fantastic romance awaits you…
# Fantasy
# Romance
# Magic
# Sweet
# War

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“A touching story. Truly made me tear up with how sweet it was.” — From Me to You Reviews Lirael, a mystic’s daughter, has held Jeck’s heart in her loving hands since they were both fifteen. Now newly married, the couple wants nothing more than to farm the land Jeck has carved from the forest and to spend their lives together… until a king’s war changes those plans, and Jeck, forever. But Lirael is a warrior, too, in her own way… Can the magic she wields save Jeck and the love they once knew? Cate Rowan is a USA Today bestseller and an award-winning author. This moving and magical short story is only the first of multiple exclusives you'll receive as a member of Cate's Chronicles, her V.I.P. list: FREE books SECRET epilogues Delicious behind-the-scenes tidbits Juicy goodies about upcoming books and fascinating new worlds The laugh-out-loud adventures of Cate's fuzzybutt cats & stinkerbelle of a horse. Click now to get the magically fantastic romance of LIRAEL'S CANDLE!