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"Absolution (Free Chapter Read)"

by TL Reeve

Five men, a club, and a serial killer...
Will Absolution be Erin's salvation?
# Billionaires
# Mafia
# Motorcycle Club
# New Adult
# Reverse Harem

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Five men, a club, and a serial killer... Erin Harper has a secret. She’s not who she says she is. As the daughter of a drug mule looking to sell her out, Erin would do anything to disappear, including working for a club notorious for sheltering all kinds of criminals—Absolution. Jacolbi Stewart has spent much of his life alone. After leaving SRT, he spent time between Los Angeles and Texas, however when a call comes in from a friend of his, Luca Trapani, he leaves everything in L.A. to help his friend. The Rebel Kings rule over El Paso. Anything that happens there, they know about it. However, when a beautiful woman with curves for days and a mysterious past shows up at Absolution, all four of them want her for themselves. Nothing will stand in their way. Only when they learn the truth about Erin, it might be too late. In a game of cat and mouse, time is fleeting. Can Erin trust her men to protect her, or will she be the killer’s next victim?