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"Hunted by Fae"

by Molly J Stanton

Her life was hardly the stuff of fairy tales… until the fairy tales came to kill her.
A contemporary fantasy with roots in Celtic myth.
# Urban Fantasy
# Fae
# Mythology
# Dark
# Epic

Available in EPUB and MOBI formats. Read on your Kindle, phone, tablet, computer and more

For Harper O’Neill, life has settled into a routine: Wake up. Care for her ailing mother. Maybe hang out with her best friend, Emilio, before turning in. But when strangers show up in her town, peddling a mysterious drug known only as Dust, Harper’s hum-drum existence is thrown into chaos and danger. For the strangers are minions of Badb Catha, a Fae goddess of Celtic legend who wants to escape her own dying world… by conquering ours. Using Dust to enslave humans, Badb Catha has been building her forces, trying to complete the magic portal which will allow the Fae invasion to begin. Now, the goddess just needs one more thing: to find – and take – the magic power entrusted to the human High King Niall over a thousand years ago. A magic now found in the blood the High King’s direct descendant, Harper O’Neill. Harper’s family has disappeared. Her best friend enslaved… or worse. And Badb Catha’s minions are close behind, ready to kill her and so begin a war that will destroy or enslave every human alive. The world is on the brink of disaster, and the one thing that can save it is the magic and will of a woman Hunted by Fae. Fans of Shannon Mayer, Julie Kagawa, and Kevin Hearne will delight Hunted by Fae, the first book in The Last Battle of Moytura series. A mix of fantasy, myth, legend, and the paranormal, tap the link to grab your copy now… and find out what it’s like to be HUNTED BY FAE!